Halloween and Sustainability – Can It Go Together?

happy halloween

Is there anything sustainable about feeding children and adults mounds of candy filled with sugar and corn syrup or running out to the store to purchase a new costume every year?  There are plenty of options that can help you have a more sustainable holiday and here are four tips to help:

  • Repurpose:  Got any old suits around the house?  Create a zombie costume by repurposing an old suit that you need to discard of anyway.  No old clothing around the house to work with?  Visit a Goodwill retail store to find treasurers.  Check out some examples on Goodwill West Michigan’s Pinterest
  • Healthier Candy Choices: If you are treating hundreds of kids coming to your door this might be costly however there are healthier, organic and fair trade options.  This is by no means an endorsement for this brand, just an option, check out Angell Dark Organic Chocolate bars.
  • Safer to Use Make Up: Halloween make-up that is available on most store shelves is full of dyes and toxins and come may contain lead.  Choose make-up that is free from all of those toxins.
  • Energy Efficient Lighting for Decorations: if you decorate your house inside or out with lighting – choose LED or solar powered strings of lights.

You can have a more sustainable Halloween.  Just plan ahead and look for alternatives to what your tradition has been in the past.


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