Practice What You Preach

walk the talkOr in other words, walk the talk.  That is the phrase we use in the sustainability world.  What does that mean?  If you are going to give advice to others on what to do, you’d better be doing it yourself or holding yourself to the same standard.

So what am I personally doing to hold myself to the same standard?  Recycling yes but it is not as easy at home.  We don’t have single stream in our community (single stream means you don’t have to sort plastics, paper, metal, glass). We must separate paper from plastic, glass and metal.  I did notice that my waste hauler will not take cardboard which I find ridiculous.  There is a value to cardboard and at work we earn money for recycling it.  So now when I have cardboard boxes or the like, I haul them into work to recycle.

Energy efficiency, I try.  I have changed light bulbs to the newer CFLs.  I have a programmable thermostat that is set at 61 degrees during the day when I am not at home.  My electric costs each month seem outrageous for one person especially considering I have a natural gas furnace, hot water heater, and stove/oven.  I receive a home energy report from my utility company each month and it shows higher usage when comparing to other homes of similar size.  I think the dogs maybe turn every light on in the house when I’m not here.  I do have a spare refrigerator in the garage and I have a feeling it is not very energy efficient and a hot tub.  Even when the hot tub is shut down, it doesn’t reduce my usage that much.  I recently scheduled an in-depth energy audit and am well down the road for a PV solar panels installation on my roof.  I will share this installation experience as I press forward.

I believe one of my missions in life is to share my experience and findings as I journey towards a more sustainable life at home and work to teach others.  I share that knowledge through social media and am connected to over 1000 on both LinkedIn and Facebook. I often receive thank-you messages for sharing or passing along a link to an article.  I am hoping that creating this blog is another way of sharing.  I will categorize my blogs to create easy ways to search on specific topics like energy efficiency, recycling and waste reduction or general sustainability to name a few.


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