Resolution or Fresh Horizon

Change in Shoes, Change in AttituteMarch 22, 2014:  Part of my Michigan Bulb order arrived this past week. Do they not realize that is two feet of snow cover on all of my garden space yet, and that the ground is frozen and I doubt it would be willing to allow me to dig in yet? This week however did allow the opportunity to remove my boots for the first time in what seems like four months. What a relief. It is amazing what a difference it can make when removing those big bulky black boots can make in one’s attitude.   Over the winter I have been purchasing some colorful shoes and staring at the ones already in my closet hoping they would motivate me to at least walk.  I must have been subconsciously making excuses not to put them on, lace them up in some cases, and get walking or exercising because I don’t remember telling myself not to.  It is time for transition, do something different.  I felt different this past week when I wore shoes instead of boots, I can’t wait to feel the difference when I can put my sandals on!


January 1, 2014

In the past I have always created a long, long list of what I thought were New Year’s Resolutions when actually they were tasks of how to get to where I really wanted to be.  They were the tasks that I could measure to hold myself accountable to reach larger goals or feelings of accomplishment.  I participate in a “Mastermind” group of women and last year we challenged each other to come up with our word for 2013 and mine was “IMPACT”.  A few weeks ago I started reflecting back on 2013 to see if I felt that I had made an impact in any of the areas that I chose to focus on.  I could put a couple of things down on that list but quickly realized that I allowed myself to scatter in too many directions, I could have made a much larger IMPACT had I stayed more focused on fewer things.

This year I am going to take a bit of a different approach. I did start to make that list and I believe I will have less on that detailed list…. maybe 🙂  I’m going to state the high-level way I want to feel and how I might get there and then ask myself with everything that I decide to do – doesn’t it help me get there.  So here it goes and this is my way of holding myself accountable – by letting anyone who reads this read about my journey:

1.  Creativity: do something every week that leads to the feeling of being creative.  It can be a trip to the art museum, photography and enhancing those skills, learning Photoshop or Prezi (both on my list), trying a new recipe, taking a class (this week I signed up for Fused Glass through Kendall College of Art and Design), solving problems, or coming up with a new idea.  There are many ways to be creative and feel creative.

2. Finances: By the end of 2014 I will be debt free except for a mortgage and my solar panels.

3.  Health:  I will continue on my quest to lose 50 more pounds.  The ways I will accomplish this are through healthy, local and organic food; Yoga, walking, biking and attending Weight Watcher meetings.  I will make all of this part of my routine every week – it will be a way of life.  An important part of this process is to carve out time for planning.

4.  Community:  I will continue to try and help make my community a better place to live.  That doesn’t always mean my immediate community, it can be regional, state or country too!

5.  Family and Friends:  Weekly time for family and friends and spending more time with my Goldens (Mac and Trevor).  We are already planning a week-long family vacation for summer 2014.

6.  Career: And all of the above has to happen in balance with my career.  I am fortunate that much of my work overlaps and that I am passionate about it all.  I have always tried to give 100% + to my career (to a fault sometimes) and I will continue to do that as we launch a new effort.

So my 2014 word is still “IMPACT”.  It is a good word and relevant to my work.  Even though I still have a list of tasks, I hope that thinking of this as a Fresh Horizons instead of Resolutions will make a difference.

2014 Create a New Book


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