Home Solar Project

In Summer of 2013 I decided to apply to MISolor program through WARM to see if I could qualify for a solar installation on my home.  Nothing like wanting to walk the talk.  So I applied and have been approved and am in the process.  I will share that entire experience soon!

Here are a few details:  4.86 KwH system, 18 panels of a 270W from SolarWorld
Here are the specs on the panels

The journey began sometime last summer when I inquired about solar for my home.  At that time this program was limited to the east side of Michigan only.  On September 3rd I was informed that the program had been expanded to the entire state of Michigan and the journey began.  http://warmtraining.org/solar/

I completed the online application and submitted 12 months worth of electrical usage that included KwH and costs.  They were able to take a look at my home and surroundings through Google maps.  They analyzed the position of my home, possible obstructions and my total annual cost of electricity.

The first commitment I had to make was to remove an out-of-control cherry tree near the south east corner of my home.  After debating with myself for a month or so I decided to have the tree removed.  Once removed they asked me to take a couple of photos of my home and send to them.  Cost of removing the tree was $700.

Next step completed was an application to Consumers Energy for approval of this project.  $100 was required along with the application and it took about three weeks for approval.

I also need to upgrade the electrical panel in my home and right now it looks like it may cost about $1500 to accomplish.  Needs to be 200 amp breaker pane.

The pressure is on!  The home in Muskegon mentioned in this article is my home.  I’ve hired an electrician to upgrade the electrical panel in my home to 200 amp.  That requires a little bit of work outdoors and since the weather has been so wintery lately,  well let’s just say I wouldn’t want to have to work outdoors this week.  Here is the article in MiBiz http://mibiz.com/news/energy/item/21235-energy-initiative-aims-to-install-solar-on-the-cheap-in-michigan?acm=3325_1139

The upgrade to my electrical panel in my home is scheduled for the week of January 27th weather permitted as there is some work that needs to happen on the outside.  The cost should be just under $1500.  Building permit needs to be pulled as well as Consumers Energy will need to be notified and the work will need to be inspected afterwards.  Once all that happens – time for installation.

February 23, 2014 – Yeah, my electrical panel has finally being upgraded.  This harsh winter we have had really set my schedule back for this installation.  Cost $1475.00 all inspected and approved!

March 10, 2014 – next step is the building permit for the installation and then the installation.  Again weather this week has set us back some, the melting of snow piles has slowed down.

More to come…….


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